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The success of DuckDuckGo is attributed to the large community of advocates, developers, and users who've given some portion of their time to help make DuckDuckGo better. Over time, certain community members stand out for providing above-and-beyond contributions to DuckDuckGo. We highlight the achievements of these, "Community Leaders" in various ways and we're always working to provide even more thanks to those who demonstrate outstanding support to the DuckDuckGo community.

Through all the areas in our community, we're actively seeking Community Leaders. If you're able to demonstrate your DuckDuckGo passion through contributions in any of those areas, we may select you to be a Community Leader. (Developers who become Community Leaders can also go on to earn a commit bit). Although there's no official length of time or amount of contributions required, becoming a community leader is an accolade given to those who can contribute to DuckDuckGo long-term and who've demonstrated that they have the ability to do so.

If you're interested in being a Community Leader, please send an email to and help us get to know you by filling out the following:

  1. How long have you been a DuckDuckGo user?
  2. What's your or github username?
  3. Are you a developer? (yes/no) If yes, have you ever developed for DuckDuckHack or another of our open source projects?
  4. Why do you want to be a Community Leader?
  5. Which areas of the DuckDuckGo community are you most active in? (e.g. forums, DuckDuckHack, translations, offline sharing, etc)
  6. What skills or knowledge do you have that you think contribute to DuckDuckGo's overall vision?
  7. How do you anticipate improving the DuckDuckGo community as a Community Leader?
  8. What's your favorite non-DuckDuckGo website? This does not impact your application--we just think it's fun :)

Don't worry if you're not approved on your first application. You can always retry when you feel you're ready again!

Current Community Leaders who help us with code and the community. We owe thanks to:

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