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Develop Instant Answers

Every search should result in one perfect, "Instant Answer." Now, anyone can develop Instant Answers with our open source DuckDuckHack platform.

To get started:


Tell others about DuckDuckGo

Unfortunate fact: Most of the world has never heard about DuckDuckGo. Whether it's the Instant Answers, privacy, less clutter, !bangs, or just our duck mascot, there's something that everyone will probably love. Help grow the DuckDuckGo community so we can continue to provide the world with a better search experience!

What to do:

Community Leaders

Over time, certain community members stand out for providing above-and-beyond contributions to DuckDuckGo. We highlight the achievements of these individuals by granting them the role of Community Leader. If you're interested in being a Community Leader (and you think you're doing an awesome job in our community), check out this page.