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If news search results are particularly relevant for your search, they should appear automatically in the search results as traditional links or as links within our news module, for example, weekend box office. If you add the word news to your search, more news search results should appear automatically, for example, cat news. If not enough news results are appearing automatically, you can get more by clicking News under the search box, for example, Philadelphia.

If you want to narrow your news search to a particular media outlet, the best way to do that is to include their name or domain name in your search terms. You can also use our bangs to more easily navigate to the news search results on other websites directly, right from the DuckDuckGo search box. There are bangs for most major media outlets. The full list of bangs are on the bangs page.

For more info on news rankings, please see our News Rankings page.

Screenshot of news results

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