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Contributing Is Awesome

Whether you're looking to dip your toes in the world of open source, seeking an interesting challenge, or excited to do something that instantly affects millions every day - contributing to DuckDuckGo's open-source community is a blast.

Contributing is a great way to:

...not to mention meet awesome people along the way.

I think I just found an #opensource community that I want to become a part of

Nick Kuchinski @NickUI

Contributing Matters

We know that Wikipedia would always beat out Encarta. We believe that DuckDuckGo is an incredible distribution platform for an open-source community to change how the web works. We're up against multi-billion-dollar giants - and the only way to avoid becoming them is to be inseparable from the community.

Our goal is to have 85% of queries covered by Instant Answers (currently this is at 19%).

Jump Right In

I had my first ever pull request merged by @duckduckhack. Yay! I helped make the internet a better place! @duckduckgo @duckco

Eric Christensen @ecounysis

Create Your Own Instant Answer

Want to create the search results you've always wanted? Instant Answers are incredibly fun to code - and rewarding to launch.

Have a favorite Instant Answer that you want to make even better? Dive in and modify it. Your pull request could go live in no time.You could make your first pull request by this afternoon.

Organize Co-Hacking Meetups

Are you part of a community that loves surfing? Protecting the environment? Sports? Music and arts? Health? Finance? Cooking? Education?

Passionate about an area that could use better Instant Answer coverage?

Organizing a meetup is a really fun way to bring people together to build live, open-source Instant Answers together.

We have great, practical advice to help - plus our staff and community leaders will guide you at every step (including live support during the event!).

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