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If a map is particularly relevant for your search, one will appear automatically. (e.g. 3 ames st, 02142, map philadelphia)

Location results will not only give you the option for a map, but also for directions. The directions option allows you to choose from the most-requested map providers – Apple Maps Google Maps, Bing Maps, HERE Maps, and OpenStreetMap. You can select your preferred provider from the dropdown menu, and that selected map service will be used every time you click “Get Directions.”

DuckDuckGo's maps are interactive. You can pan, zoom, and expand the map (click the expand icon at the bottom right of the map).

You can also use !bangs to map-search using other search engines right from the DuckDuckGo search box. There are !bangs for Google Maps (!gm), Bing Maps (!bm), and Yahoo Maps (!ym). For example, !gm 3 ames st, 02142 would search for 3 ames st, 02142 on Google Maps. The full list of !bangs are on the !bang page.

Map data is copyrighted by OpenStreetMap contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA. The imagery is copyrighted by Mapbox.