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Within DuckDuckGo Search we show favicons (small website logos) for a better user experience. These favicons are requested from our servers rather than from websites directly, because it can be surprisingly complicated to locate a favicon for a website — they can be stored in a variety of locations and in a variety of formats. We've developed our behind-the-scenes service to understand these edge cases and simplify retrieval within our search engine.

At DuckDuckGo, we do not collect or share personal information — that's our privacy policy in a nutshell — so naturally we designed the favicon service with privacy as the priority. The image requests are encrypted over the wire using the same ciphers as your DuckDuckGo searches and, as with all our services, adhere to our strict privacy policy in that the requests are anonymous and do not collect or share any personal information.

Updates to favicons should occur automatically over a period of a few weeks. If you are seeing a persistent problem, please let us know.

Prior versions on GitHub.